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Automatically update your QR codes with new information

As your marketing strategies progress, it's important to keep in mind that the destination URLs linked to your QR codes should be updated in real-time to ensure they remain relevant. Avoid the hassle of reprinting codes by ensuring that they are easily editable.


Manage your QR codes to fit your preferences

With link to QR, you have the ability to efficiently organize your QR codes by team, campaign, stage, or any other relevant criteria. This feature enables you to easily sort and filter your codes, thereby streamlining your workflow and enhancing your overall productivity.


Monitor the number of times your QR codes are scanned

To enhance your global campaigns, it's important to analyze the location where your QR codes are being scanned. By utilizing GPS location, L2QR adds an extra layer of accuracy, which can significantly improve the effectiveness of your QR code campaigns.

How do I create a QR Code?


Select Category

To begin with, you should select the category of qr code that you need. Note that there is no statistics tracking feature for static qr codes


Fill in content

Enter all the required information in the fields that appear. This can be a link, contact information, text, or any other type of information. Once you're done, select Create.



You may choose to have a standard black and white design or choose colors and frames to help you attract more scans. If not, proceed to download your finished Code.

Create bright and eye-catching QR codes






QR codes aren't just for links


Menu QR Code for your Digital Menu

If you want an alternative to a paper menu, you can create a QR code with a link to your digital menu.



Social Media QR Code for your promotion

QR codes with encrypted links to your social networks are an innovative and fun way to promote. They attract attention, stimulate interaction, look modern and provide ease of transition. This approach effectively combines mystery, manufacturability, and convenience, making it a great choice for attracting audiences to your online presence.



Business Page QR Code for your Business

For the help of cur codes, you can get more klієntіv to your business store! Just place one cur code on the poster sheet, and you can spend it on your side on the platform for your choice: Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft. And yet, embellish the cure code for your brand - logo, colors and style. A simple way to improve the interaction with your audience and improve the interaction with the business


Digital Business Card QR CODE

Digital Business Card QR Code for your communication

The organization of the event requires attention to the details. Provide all responsible persons at the event with IDs with vCard Plus QR codes. It will simplify communication and guarantee a quick reaction of responsible persons in emergencies.



Coupon QR Code for your Business

Promotional offers on public transport travel are worth getting the word out about. Share these offers, and you are guaranteed to attract more customers. You can do this by using the Coupon's QR code. Place it on public transport tickets to attract the attention of new and regular customers.



Feedback QR Code for your Business

Improve customer engagement for appliance brands. Print Feedback QR codes on your product packaging to stay in touch with customers throughout the device lifecycle. Add a rating QR code to consumer electronic packaging, so your customers can scan and share their experiences with a feedback QR code.



Rating QR Code for your communication

Encourage customers to share their experiences, so you can improve your product based on their feedback. The rating QR code will ensure lightning-fast interaction of customers with your brand. They scan the QR code from the packaging and rate it while you improve your product and service. Each feedback is instantly sent to your corporate email, so the team can act quickly.



Video QR Code for your Brand

Openness, trust, and transparency become extremely valuable in a rapidly changing world. Usually, we cannot express such essential aspects in a few sentences, so a Video QR code expands this information to present your brand values. With one scan, your customer will receive complete details on equality in your company and your position on environmental protection.



Event QR Code for your event

Encourage fans to follow all game-related events. Are you planning to launch a new product with online and offline activities? Then involve all marketing channels to promote the upcoming event. Promote the product launch with an Event QR code on posters, so everyone can save the event in their smartphone calendar. Run social media ads with the Event QR code to reach your target audience. You can easily customize QR codes to include the date, time, address, contact person, and event description.



PDF QR Code for your Business

You no longer need to print out restaurant menus or spa catalogs every time you update them. Are you switching to a seasonal menu or changing the cost of services? It is no longer a problem because one scan of the QR code replaces all printed materials. Add PDF QR codes to hotel room catalogs that direct customers to the hotel's digital menu.



Images gallery QR Code for your promotion

You must show your potential clients your successes in organizing events. You can display photos from the most successful events you've hosted using the Image Gallery QR code. Upload photos, add the necessary details, and update the gallery when you need. Post your Image Gallery QR code on any media, and don't worry about having to reprint it.



Facebook QR Code for your Business

Using QR codes with encrypted links to your Facebook page is an innovative way to promote. They create interest, provide easy access to your profile, and showcase your manufacturability. Let your audience unravel the codes and open an extra door for them to your social media world.


Where To Use QR codes?



On Stickers or Labels

Stickers and labels are so funny and convenient! Whether you promote offline or online, custom product stickers and labels perfectly represent the brand. But more than an attractive design is required. Using QR codes on stickers and labels can make the presentation of your products more exciting and efficient. Combine digital and offline tools for your advertising campaign and attract more customers


On Flyers

Flyers have been helping companies attract offline audiences for a long time. But add a little magic and lead your customers further to your sites and social networks. By using a dynamic QR code on a flyer, you will always know about all scans. Suitable for paper, eh? But seriously, such statistics regarding the time, geography, and devices scanning your QR code will help to analyze and adjust the marketing strategy, to compare the efforts investments with the results of the campaign.


Personal Use

On Business Cards

Create and expand your network of contacts even more quickly and efficiently. Your professional community should always take all the information they need about you, your skills, and your unique experience. Adding a QR code to your business card will make your networking as efficient and convenient as possible.


On Food Packaging

A QR Code on food packaging shares detailed information and makes each food product unique. Different QR codes for food packaging help the brand to be transparent with consumers and aid them in making responsible choices.


More ideas for using QR codes

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I’m new to QR Codes. What should I know?

I’m new to QR Codes. What should I know?

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