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Our mission is to create digital connections between brands and customers, people, and organizations for a limitless future.

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About L2QR

L2QR is designed to help small and medium-sized businesses create and implement digital marketing tools in their daily practice. We offer users everything they need to generate static and different dynamic QR codes with high resolution and design options. QR codes are indispensable in measuring the ROI of marketing campaigns and saving costs, managing online traffic, expanding the customer network, and increasing loyalty.

Our team

We are a young IT company with 5 highly qualified professionals. Our goal is to be a small brand with a high impact. We are inspired by the limitless future and development of digital solutions for the real needs of people. Every day, we work hard to make your life and business easier.

Our culture

We nurture a culture where the central values are creativity, freedom, openness, and the ability to look at a problem in a new way to offer a non-standard solution. Each of us has a unique experience worth sharing. We consistently implement the principles of equality, openness, and inclusiveness and a zero-tolerance policy for any form of discrimination.

Our product

Surprisingly, marketing and advertising are not digitized enough yet. We wanted to create an exceptional, clear, and transparent solution that would solve this problem. We focused on developing solutions that help better organize marketing campaigns. This is how L2QR was born. L2QR is a solution that helps companies create more effective marketing strategies day by day.

Our core values

Our product

Our philosophy is a fair and dignified treatment of employees, customers, partners, and competitors. We are sure that teamwork should be based on respect of the individual to bring a high result. Mutual respect allows us to work harmoniously and achieve the goals our clients set for us.

Progress and innovation

We learn and improve every day and gradually move towards our goals. The transformation of markets, the development of global commerce, and new customer requests encourage us to constantly add new ideas and products to our development plans. After all, this is the only way to remain competitive and relevant in the market.

Transparency and responsibility

Being honest, transparent, and ethical in all business transactions is not a choice but our high duty to clients and partners. We take responsibility for our actions and performance to create a positive experience for all our users.