Turn a WhatsApp number into a QR code

WhatsApp QR Code

Generate a WhatsApp Number Into QR

With this tool, you have the ability to generate a QR code that, when scanned, allows you to send a message to WhatsApp. This simple and effective approach is a great way to facilitate communication with customers.

How To Convert WhatsApp Number Into QR

  • 1

    Choose the "WhatsApp" QR code type

  • 2

    Enter the phone number associated with WhatsApp

  • 3

    To customize and download the QR code, click on the "Customize & Download" button.

  • 4

    Design your own code and then click on the "Download QR Code" button to save it.

WhatsApp number to QR code use and benefits

This section will provide you with valuable information about the benefits of using QR codes for WhatsApp and offer important tips on how to create and use them effectively. Learn about the benefits of QR codes for WhatsApp and unlock the potential for seamless engagement with your audience.


Business cards

Add a WhatsApp QR-code to your business cards so that potential clients and partners can easily and quickly start correspondence with you by scanning the QR-code


Promotional materials

Add a WhatsApp QR code to brochures, posters, ads or billboards so that interested people or potential customers can contact you immediately via messenger or save the contact for the future.


Events and Conferences

Add a WhatsApp QR code to your event materials such as programs, badges or information booths to create a convenient and instant way for attendees to connect. They can easily scan the QR code with their smartphone and instantly access your WhatsApp account. This will allow them to quickly ask questions of the organizers, learn more information about the event, or even connect with other attendees to exchange ideas or schedule meetings.

You can customize your QR code in interesting ways


Users have the ability to customize their QR code by changing frames, color, and even adding icons, allowing them to create a unique and personalized look for their QR code. By choosing their own frame style, they can create an atmosphere that best suits their mood and working style. Changing the color of the code allows them to emphasize important elements or adjust the color scheme to their own preferences. Adding icons to a QR code can make it more intuitive and attractive to readers. Users have a lot of freedom to customize their code, allowing them to express their creativity and create a special style that suits their needs and personal taste.

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