Create your own unique style for Video QR

Why is a QR code the best solution to distribute your videos?


QR codes can be placed on various materials and places to attract attention and increase the number of video views

QR codes can be easily scanned with a smartphone without having to enter long URLs manually

QR codes can be scanned by people of all ages and social backgrounds, allowing you to expand your audience

Implement your idea with a Video QR code

Generate, customize, and launch the perfect campaign in minutes using QR codes.



Share one or multiple videos with your audience

Utilize this QR Code to effectively promote a wide range of videos for your company, including product tutorials, brand movies, wedding videos, event after movies, and more. The QR Code comes with a dedicated button for seamless online sharing, allowing you to conveniently distribute your videos to your target audience.



Make it your own

Take advantage of the included landing page and personalize it with a profile photo and your own colors to match your personality or your company’s brand identity.



Engage a wider audience

Your QR Code not only looks good, but the content itself beautifully adapts to different devices it’s displayed on. Tablet, desktop, or smartphone—we’ve got you covered.



Create a space free from distractions

Ensure that your audience remains engaged by providing a distraction-free experience. With the videos directly embedded within the landing page, your viewers can watch them seamlessly without the need for additional clicks or external applications. This streamlined approach keeps the focus solely on the videos you have included, enhancing the overall viewing experience for your audience.

How can I share a video using a QR code?

QR codes are an ideal way to distribute video content to a wide audience. It's fast, convenient and easy to use. With QR codes, you can attract new viewers by giving them easy access to your video, which can help increase the popularity of your brand or product. In addition, QR codes allow you to collect analytics and find out exactly which users have viewed your video, which helps you better understand your audience and make better decisions in your marketing campaigns.


Digitalize your video with QR-codes

For individuals
For businesses
    For individuals just getting started with QR Codes
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    EUR per month, billed monthly
    3 Dynamics QR Codes
    1 User seat
    1 Digital Business Card
    Scan analytics
    Does not include
    GPS Tracking
  • PRO
    For organisations to manage multiple teams or clients
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    EUR per month, billed yearly
    250 Dynamics QR Codes
    50 Digital Business Cards
    Scan analytics
    GPS Tracking
    Premium customer support
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