QR Codes for Nowruz

Nowruz QR Codes: Connect with QR Codes. Celebrate renewal on cards. Stand out with festive connections.

  • QR Codes for Nowruz

    Are you looking for new ways to enhance your Nowruz marketing campaign by giving your products and services more visibility and value? We have a fascinating plan to achieve these goals with QR codes. Get inspired by creative ideas from L2QR to make this year's Nowruz the best for your customers!

    How to use QR codes during Nowruz celebrations

    Nowruz is a fantastic holiday that leaves the happiest memories. But in addition to joy and family unity, this popular holiday creates many opportunities for your business development. QR codes can be a fun and interactive way to enhance Nowruz celebrations. Here are a few ideas on how to use different QR codes during Nowruz.

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    Coupons QR CODE

    Attract customers with special offers

    If you have holiday deals, make sure customers get them. Help people conveniently and profitably buy holiday products for Nowruz. Usually, on holidays, retailers create printed materials where they present holiday products. Add Coupon QR codes to printed catalogs and brochures to strengthen your ad campaign and increase sales. The Coupon QR code will display a discount code for your online or offline store that customers can use when shopping or share with friends.

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    Video QR CODE

    Inspire your customers with holiday recipes

    Nowruz is your prime time if you're in the food business. You must stand out from your competitors to expand your audience, increase sales, and make your brand recognizable. Add Video QR codes to the packaging of Halal products, to share new recipes for traditional dishes. Once the scan is complete, the customers will have a playlist of Nowruz dinner recipes on their smartphones.

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    Event QR CODE

    Organize a Nowruz celebration

    Nowruz is a holiday of spring and rebirth. This is an international day in which people of different religions and cultures participate in the celebration, and as many people as possible should visit it. Therefore, if you organize festive events, it is worth informing visitors of their schedule. It is most convenient to do this with the QR code of the event on posters, banners, and billboards. People will scan QR codes and save all event details on their smartphones.

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    Website QR CODE

    Help with gifts selection 

    An essential tradition of the Nowruz celebration is the gift exchange. People strive to choose original gifts. You can make life much easier for your customers if you have a Nowruz gifts section on your website. Add the Website QR codes to your printed marketing materials, so people can jump straight to the gift section.

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    Social media QR CODE

    Inform customers about opening hours

    If your shop or café has a Nowruz weekend, you must inform your customers about the holiday schedule. Make your business information easy to access by adding a business page QR code to your website, storefronts, flyers, or other promotional materials. Inform your customers about opening hours, store location, contact details, etc. You can edit any information about the company in the L2QR profile.

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