QR Codes for Halloween

Halloween QR Codes: Share spooky fun on cards. Customizable QRs, stand out in celebrations. Connect with eerie vibes!

  • QR Codes for Halloween

    Are you looking for new ways to enhance your Halloween marketing campaign by giving your products and services more visibility and value? We have a fascinating plan to achieve these goals with QR codes. Get inspired by creative ideas from L2QR to make this year's Halloween the best for your customers!

    How to use QR codes during Halloween celebrations

    The nights are getting longer, nature is falling asleep, and everything around is getting dressed in yellow clothes. Pumpkins ripen in the gardens, and spooky decorations appear in the shop windows. That means it's almost Halloween. So prepare your QR codes to make this year's Halloween marketing campaign creative and effective.

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    Event QR CODE

    Add your event to the customers' calendars

    Party managers need to advertise the event to attract guests. So, the design of promotional materials is crucial. Your posters, flyers, and banners should be creative, not overloaded with text, and contain all the information about the holiday. The Event QR code will help you to create the perfect Halloween poster design and tell your guests about the party plan. Add a relevant CTA to encourage passers-by to scan the QR code and add the event to their calendars.

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    Video QR CODE

    Promote the scary premiere

    Halloween is the time of the scariest movie premieres. Do you want the premiere will be sold out? Then you have to intrigue, interest, and scare your audience. A poster with a movie announcement is good, but a video QR code to watch the trailer makes it even better. Add this QR code to the promo poster, so anyone can scan it and watch the trailer.

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    WiFi QR CODE

    Easy access to Wi-Fi

    We know your party will have Wi-Fi, so you need to make it hassle-free for your guests to access. The best solution for you is to make access to Wi-Fi by QR code. Place stickers with the corresponding QR code in prominent places. Let your guests scan the QR codes and share them with each other. This way, you avoid the awkward process of exchanging passwords and manually entering them on the devices.

  • L2QR

    The QR code platform offers effective e-marketing solutions

    Create your QR code design that will meet your brand standards with colors

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    Social media QR CODE

    Make noise on social media

    Halloween is the perfect time to splurge on costumes, interiors, themed meals, and more. People like to share such pictures on their social media accounts. You can use this to your advantage by attracting followers and increasing your brand's social media presence. Create a single QR code for all your social media profiles and add it to marketing materials. Guests can easily follow the selected page and tag you by scanning QR codes.

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    Website QR CODE

    Add more event details

    You will avoid many inconveniences if you make your promotional materials as informative as possible. Your guests want to know the party theme or whether they should bring vegan meals. You can answer all questions with a single Website QR code. It will connect your guests to a landing page with details about the party. It is a more reliable and convenient option compared to printed invitations. People learn not only about the party's location, date, and time by scanning QR codes. You can provide guests with details such as costume instructions, musical accompaniment, or a festive menu. Additionally, you can add an event registration form.

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