QR Codes for Easter

Easter QR Codes: Easily share joy on cards. Custom QRs, stand out in celebrations. Connect with festive spirit!

  • QR Codes for Easter

    Are you looking for new ways to enhance your Easter marketing campaign by giving your products and services more visibility and value? We have a fascinating plan to achieve these goals with QR codes. Get inspired by creative ideas from L2QR to make this year's Easter the best for your customers!

    How to use QR codes during Easter celebrations

    Easter is a fantastic holiday that leaves the warmest memories. But in addition to joy and family unity, this popular holiday creates many opportunities for your business development. So let's start hunting for the best ways to use QR codes in your Easter marketing campaign.

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    Coupons QR CODE

    Attract customers with special offers

    People want to buy their favorite seasonal and holiday products, preparing for Easter. Your task is to satisfy their demand, searching for juicy offers. You'll update your print marketing materials over Easter, so you'll have a chance to make them more effective. Add a Coupon QR code to your brochures, catalogs, flyers, posters, etc. This QR code will display a discount code for your online or offline store that customers can use when shopping or share with friends. In this way, you will stimulate customer loyalty, increase sales, and direct traffic to online platforms. Congratulations, the first Easter egg, or rather the QR code, has been hunted!

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    Images QR CODE

    Share your inspiring content

    Easter is a holiday of beauty and spring. Both print advertising and thematic web banners are appropriate for visually inspiring content. With the Image Gallery QR codes, you can optimize the design of any marketing materials. One such QR code contains a lookbook of ideas for decorating the home or garden. Furthermore, customers can purchase everything they see in your online store by clicking the button configured for this. Thus, you expand the audience and increase online sales. You found the second Easter QR code.

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    Social media QR CODE

    Become visible on social media

    You have to showcase your outstanding Easter products on your social media! Create inspiring content and fill your social media profiles with it. The Social Media QR code on the branded product packaging will help you. The customers will scan them, follow you on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc., and track new offers. Encourage people to share your content. This way, you will increase your social media presence, and this will be your third hunted Easter QR code.

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    Video QR CODE

    Inspire your customers with holiday recipes

    Easter is goodies, goodies, and more goodies! Everybody is looking for new recipes for festive dishes. So, Easter is your star time if you work in the food business. But you must stand out from the competition to expand your audience, increase sales, and make your brand recognizable. Add Video QR codes on product packaging, print ads, or web banners. Once scanned, your customers will have a playlist of Easter dinner recipes on their smartphones.

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    Business Page QR CODE

     Inform customers about Easter opening hours

    Easter is primarily a day off. You must inform your customers about your holiday schedule. Simplify access to your business information by adding a Business Page QR code to your website, windows, flyers, or other promotional materials. Inform your customers about working hours, store location, contact details, etc. You can edit any business information in the L2QR profile if you need. 

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