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QR Codes on Menus: Elevate Dining Experience! Share Nutrition, Allergen Info, Chef Specials, and Delight Diners with Enhanced Information!

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  • Benefits of using QR Code on Menus 

  • Digital menus have become a mandatory attribute of catering establishments. Cafés, restaurants, street stalls, and catering companies are gradually abandoning paper menus in favor of QR codes. It has become especially relevant with the easing of quarantine measures during Covid-19. Contactless ordering and electronic payment, as well as maintaining distance and antiseptic principles in establishments, have become a new requirement for the safety of public catering.

    Contactless menu by QR code

    You may no longer have to worry about your restaurant's paper menu. You no longer need to update, correct and reprint it. All this requires attention, time, and money. When you replace the paper menu with a QR code, these problems will disappear. Stick a dynamic URL QR code sticker directly on a table or bar, or print it on a table tent. Your customers will scan it and immediately have access to the contactless menu. If you practice self-service, your customers can also place an order and pay for it with a QR code.

    The digital menu works well independently and with other informational materials 

    You can add restaurant or café menu QR codes to any promotional materials. Cafés and restaurants usually use attractive dishes ads beside the menu in the dining hall. Complete your advertising campaign with street displays or banners with the best restaurant offers to attract customer attention. Their bright design will attract customers' attention, and the QR code with the call to action redirects them to the menu.

    QR code visualizes the menu to help the client make a choice

    Information about the dishes’ composition, weight, and cost does not capture the client's imagination. But photos of food and drink will do it better. So, to demonstrate your culinary masterpieces, use a digital menu with an image gallery. Make your visitors more culinary and aesthetic pleasure and come back to you.

    QR codes help you to stay in touch with your customers and make their lives easier

    A QR code menu is an effective way to stay in touch with your customers even after they have left your restaurant. You can customize QR codes to provide customers with helpful information and improve their experience. Add a menu link by QR code to the restaurant's business card, so your clients can order food. Use QR codes for quick and easy redirects to social media and websites. It allows you to expand your customer base, better represent your brand, and provide your audience with helpful content.

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  • How to make a QR Code on a Menu?

    1. Go to the L2QR constructor and choose the type of QR code for your menu. Start using the URL QR Code now.*
    2. Enter your website address.
    3. Your QR code will be generated automatically.
    4. Customize the design of the QR code: select a frame and the “Scan Me” logo.
    5. Select the colors to match your brand style.
    6. Click Download to get the QR code file in .jpg format.
    7. Integrate the generated QR code into your table tent design.
    8. Scan the QR code from multiple devices (iOS and Android) before printing.

    *Sign up and expand your capabilities with L2QR Pro. Select more QR codes, add, edit and change information without reprinting a new QR code.

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  • Tips: Menus with QR Codes design templates

  • A stylish and creative digital menu design with a QR code is guaranteed to draw attention to your restaurant or café. Get inspired by L2QR digital menu templates with QR codes.

    Your digital menu with a QR code should attract more than just attention. The design should be thoughtful and practical. Each element of your menu should form a single style.

    1. The color palette should be appropriate. 
    2. Choose frames that match and complement the design of your QR code. 
    3. Add your logo to your QR code. L2QR adapts the size of your logo to scan needs.
    4. Make sure your QR code is perfectly readable. For this, choose an uncomplicated design, high color contrast, the optimal number of coded symbols, and the correct code size.  

    Use a simple method of cashless payment by QR code. It's the perfect solution if you're looking to streamline your customer billing process. You can use it to pay for online and offline orders. Just add a payment QR code to an offline check, or generate one for an online order.

    Be eco-friendly by reducing paper waste. Compare the number of printed menus in a restaurant and just one digital menu QR code. The QR code combines all your menus, and you no longer need to update paper options. Separate kids', bar, and dishes menus aren't convenient for customers. Combine all your offers in one PDF QR code. You can edit the digital menu at any time without the reprint.

    Add's design will help you to attract the customers' attention, and the QR code will direct them to the specified resources. For example, you do not plan to create a website. Then let the QR code link customers to your social media pages. It is especially relevant for cafés and restaurants that seek to interact more actively with the audience. It will help you attract customers and make them your ambassadors.

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  • QR Codes on Menus and other materials: Best Practice

  • QR codes are a universal tool for presenting your brand and business. But you can make even a minor mistake in the design, and all your efforts will be in vain. Don't repeat mistakes! Pursue our tips on using QR codes in promotional materials and make them more expressive and potent.

    Add a brief description to your QR code

    Why would anyone even scan your QR code? You lose if you have no answer to this question. A QR code without instructions does not carry any value or information to the user. So be sure to print out the QR code with instructions on what your client or partner will learn from the scan.

    Use informative frames for the QR code

    The users are almost ready to scan the QR code. Just help them! Frames tell your audience about your QR code. Does your QR code lead to your store's Instagram? Add a “Follow Me” call-to-action box. 

    Add your logo to your QR code

    You must do it! A company logo on a QR code helps users recognize and trust you. The L2QR builder automatically determines the optimal size for your logos, ensuring the scanning of QR codes.

    Remember the contrast

    However, the QR code should always be visible on a light or dark background. Consistent contrast is the key to fast reading. Use a white box or frame for guaranteed QR code scanning.

    Integrate the QR code into your design

    Isn't it enough to just put a QR code on a menu? Sorry, but no. When a QR code looks like a random element, it gives every reason to believe that you are not being responsible enough with your presentation. Therefore, create promotional materials where the QR code is an organic part of their design.

    Save and recreate your signature design

    L2QR ensures that all QR codes you create are available as templates at any time. You can use them for any promotional materials or events.

    Check the QR code scan before printing 

    You need to make sure that your QR code scans perfectly. Test it thoroughly on different devices and apps. Make sure every user can scan your QR code and that it's functional.

    Make your business, hobbies, and ideas attractive and famous with L2QR. Start creating unique QR codes for your needs today. Subscribe to L2QR and test all possible features.

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