QR Codes for Winemakers

QR Codes for Winemakers: Savor the journey of fine wine. Scan for vineyard insights, wine pairing tips, and limited releases. Uncork QR-coded experiences now!

  • Meet the Vine Yard


    Wine made from the grapes grown in our vineyard, 10 Vitis Vinifera varietals, plus blends: 6 reds: Cariñena, Garnacha, Petite Syrah, Tempranillo, Syrah, Zinfandel; 4 whites: Albariño, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon Blanc, Viognier. Leeds has a unique combination of characteristics in its weather, elevation, latitude, and soil that makes its location ideal to produce excellent wine. The Vine Vine Yard produces 15 wines, from 10 varietals, plus blends. The wines range from soft white wines to bold full-bodied reds, the common denominator of ALL wines are the smoothness & balance between great tannins, fruit and acidity.

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    Social media QR CODE

    Turn loyal customers into brand ambassadors on social media

    Social media advertising campaign will be effective if you build it around the tastes and interests of your audience. Invite customers to scan the Facebook QR code on the bottles and share suggestions for their favorite drinks on the company page and in their profiles. And if you add some incentive to the scan, you will increase the number of interactions tenfold.

  • L2QR

    The QR code platform offers effective e-marketing solutions

    Create your QR code design that will meet your brand standards with colors

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    Feedback QR CODE

    Collect customer feedback to strengthen your brand

    Every business needs customer feedback, especially craft distilleries. Feedback helps to improve your work and products. Get feedback by creating a feedback QR code and placing it on the product packaging. The client scans the QR code, fills out the form, and you instantly receive this feedback in the email.

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    Coupons QR CODE

    Attract customers and maintain loyalty

    You need to keep customers interested in your products. To increase customer engagement, use incentives for repeat purchases in the future. For example, you can boost sales and build a loyal customer base with a Coupon QR code. Discounts and gifts also help to attract new customers actively. Thus, customers will receive an exclusive offer from the store, and you will constantly update the customer base.

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