QR Code for Online Classes

QR Codes for Online Classes: Convenient learning with a scan. Explore courses, schedules, and enroll now. Begin your QR-coded learning journey!

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    Incorporate QR codes into your marketing strategy, like the fictional ABC language school brand. In this way, you will increase brand awareness, customer engagement, and sales. Get inspired by creative ways to use QR codes to take your retail brand to the next level.

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    Feedback QR CODE

    Collect feedback and assessments 

    Create QR codes that link to surveys, quizzes, or assessments. Students can scan the codes to provide feedback or complete assessments using their mobile devices. Customize QR codes and place them on flyers, posters, or other marketing materials to provide additional information about your courses and programs.

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    Website QR CODE

    Gamify the learning process

    Create QR codes that link to interactive activities such as quizzes, puzzles, and games. Students can scan the codes to access the activities and engage with the course content in a fun and interactive way. Create QR codes that link to rewards or badges that students can earn for completing certain tasks or achieving specific learning outcomes. Students can scan the codes to earn points or unlock badges, which can increase motivation and engagement.

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    Video QR CODE

    Add a multimedia content

    Video QR codes will help to organize better interaction of students with educational materials. Create QR codes that link to virtual tours of relevant locations or exhibitions. For example, if you teach a history course, you can create a QR code that links to a virtual tour of a historical site.

  • L2QR

    The QR code platform offers effective e-marketing solutions

    Create your QR code design that will meet your brand standards with colors

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    Add materials to educational courses

    Add PDF QR codes to printed materials of educational courses. Create QR codes that link to course materials such as readings, videos, and lecture notes. Students can scan the codes with their mobile devices to access the materials quickly and easily.

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    Systematize QR codes so that all your data is well organized, and you can increase productivity

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