QR Codes for Jewelers

QR Codes for Jewelers: Unlock elegance with a scan. Discover jewelry, gem insights, and personalized advice. Adorn yourself with QR-coded brilliance!

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    Social media QR CODE

     Expand your network of followers

    Social media presence is critical for brands. Because it is the place where the clients monitor, evaluate and ultimately determine whether they are interested in your products and services. Moreover, customers like the speed with which they can contact the company. So, use every opportunity to promote your social media. Add a social media QR code to jewelry packaging or tags. Place it on any printed promotional materials, or add it to TV ads and web banners. Scanning this code will connect customers to a page with your social media accounts.

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    Website QR CODE

    Be transparent in providing information

    People care about the authenticity of their jewelry. Therefore, you must provide comprehensive information about each product component to increase their trust in the brand. This is effortless to do, thanks to the QR codes on the jewelry packaging. Add to the QR code a link to your website where buyers can check the authenticity of the jewelry and find additional information.

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    Images QR CODE

    Promote limited jewelry collections

    Limited edition jewelry deserves to be presented in the best possible way. The ideal solution for this is a lookbook with high-quality visual content. You can create a printed version of the lookbook and give it a digital dimension with the Image Gallery QR code. Clients can view photos of jewelry by scanning a QR code.

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    Digital business cards QR CODE

    Provide contact information 

    The jewelry packaging is very sophisticated. However, manufacturers should add essential information, such as contacts, to the packaging. How to maintain a balance between design and the need to add data? Use digital information through a vCard QR code. You can customize the code to match your brand identity and integrate it into any design. This solution allows you to place the address, phone numbers, email, websites, and social media profiles on your jewelry packaging.

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    Video QR CODE

    Make jewelry packaging more informative

    Jewelry has not only real value for us. We buy them for investment, pass them down to posterity, and treasure them as family heirlooms. Jewelers know this and make every effort to ensure that jewelry retains its beauty and quality for a long time. Give advice on proper care if you want your customers to enjoy the beauty and quality of the jewelry. Add a video QR code on the packaging with tutorials on jewelry use, cleaning, and storage.

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