QR Codes for Florists

QR Codes for Florists: Blossom through every scan. Explore floral arrangements, care tips, and special occasion bouquets. Let QR codes bloom in your life!

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    Incorporate QR codes into your marketing strategy, like the fictional Fiona. In this way, you will increase brand awareness, customer engagement, and sales. Get inspired by creative ways to use QR codes to take your farm's brand to the next level.

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    Feedback QR CODE

    Make product quality evaluation even more convenient 

    Your brand should be transparent with customers and welcome feedback on product quality. Customers can submit feedback on florists' production even easier with feedback QR codes on receipts, packaging, in-store displays, and more. Such QR codes direct users to a webpage or survey where they can leave a review, rate their experience, or leave comments, and you will collect feedback via email.

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    Images QR CODE

    Present an unusual floral design

    We are certain that you closely follow everything that happens in the world of florists and offer your customers unusual varieties of flowers. The best way to showcase your new floral ideas is to use the Image Gallery QR code to showcase your current floral design. Remember the quality of the content that should impress customers. You will provide the client with a wide selection of products and increase sales thanks to high-quality photos. 

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    Rating QR CODE

    Encourage customers to share their experiences

    Reviews are an essential tool for building a brand image. Place appropriate QR codes on each florist's business card to check if customers are satisfied with the experience. How do the salon's specialists help customers to collect unique bouquets? Did the recipient like the delivered bouquet? Are customers satisfied with the assortment of ready-made bouquets in your salon? You can get answers to all these questions thanks to Rating QR codes. This will help you increase customer trust and brand loyalty.

  • L2QR

    The QR code platform offers effective e-marketing solutions

    Create your QR code design that will meet your brand standards with colors

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    Website QR CODE

    Promote your delivery service

    Let your customers know that your flower shop not only sells flowers, but also delivers them. This is a very convenient and popular service among customers because it makes an unforgettable impression. Using Website QR codes on branded cars is the easiest way to attract the audience's attention to this service. Thanks to their mobility and versatility, QR codes will help you to increase online traffic and direct it to web resources. You do it instantly and remotely, and your customers get the opportunity to join your business pages most conveniently.

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    Video QR CODE

    Add multimedia content

    The beauty and range of exclusive offers, including roses in a box, giant bouquets, exotic flower arrangements, gift sets with candies, and plush toys, cannot be appreciated in photos! So, we advise you to use different information formats for a better customer experience. Video QR codes are a great way to present your special offers.

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