QR Code for Cinemas

QR Codes for Cinemas: Movie magic at your scan. Explore showtimes, trailers, and special screening events. Let QR codes guide your cinematic journey!

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    Website QR CODE

    Create a unique user experience 

    Cinema advertising is an ideal marketing material for QR code integration. Therefore, brands place highly targeted advertising with integrated Website QR codes. Advertisers can choose specific movies or genres to target their ads to audiences who are interested in their products or services and will connect to their sites. Moreover, dynamic QR codes allow you to track QR code scan statistics, so advertisers can see how well the promotional QR code is doing.

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    Social media QR CODE

    Grow your social media

    Make your social media information accessible to consumers with QR codes for Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Enlarge followers' engagement thanks to cinema advertising. Encourage cinema audiences to follow your social media accounts by scanning a QR code that leads to your social media page. You can also use QR codes to create interactive social media content such as photo contests, giveaways, or polls.

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    App QR CODE

    Simplify app downloads

    Some cinemas may use QR codes to allow customers to purchase tickets through their mobile apps. The QR code displayed on the cinema's website will take the customer to the app's page in the App Store or Google Play. Here, viewers can also get acquainted with additional information about the movie they are watching, such as cast and crew details, reviews, and behind-the-scenes footage. They can also offer promotional content, such as discounts on future movie tickets or concessions.

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    Coupons QR CODE

    Offer concession purchases 

    QR codes can also be used to allow customers to order concessions through their mobile devices. A QR code displayed on the cinema website or app can be scanned by the customer's phone, which takes them to the concession ordering page.

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