QR Codes for Government

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  • Meet Arleon City Council

    We invented the Arleon City Council to help you imagine your charity, fundraiser, or non-profit in its place. Incorporate QR codes into your marketing strategy, as we did for the fictional ABC foundation, to raise more awareness about your organization. Get inspired by creative ways to use QR codes to take your organization to the next level.

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    Business Page QR CODE

    Provide quick access to public information

    You can use PDF QR codes to direct people to more information about your organization, its mission, and its programs. For example, you can include a QR code on brochures or flyers to link to a page that provides more details about your charity programs.

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    Digital business cards QR CODE

    Improve your networking

    Professional communication of civil service representatives involves the constant exchange of contact information. You should add the vCard Plus QR code to the business card to share data quickly and easily. Scanning such a QR code saves your phone number, email address, and LinkedIn page to your interlocutor's smartphone. Even with just one business card with a vCard Plus QR code, you can continue to share your contacts.

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    Feedback QR CODE

    Study public opinion

    Important social initiatives of local authorities need discussion. Therefore, the collection of feedback and suggestions should be constant and thorough. You can adjust this process using a Feedback QR code on all informational materials and forms. Visitors scan such a QR code and leave their reviews. State institutions will receive all results by e-mail.

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    Prepare people for a visit to a government institution

    You can inform people before they visit a government institution. A PDF QR code on information materials will provide visitors with a list of required documents and other important information. A vital advantage of this QR code is that you can edit the PDF file or upload a new file without creating another QR code.

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    Video QR CODE

    Inform with video

    Many socially significant issues require detailed discussion and explanation. Visualization is the best way to explain many questions. Place Video QR codes on informational materials, so people can scan them and access the information.

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    Event QR CODE

    Announce influential events

    You can announce city events in different ways. But the most convenient way is to print the Event QR code on informational materials. Citizens and guests will scan these QR codes and save the date, time, and event location on their smartphones.

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