QR Codes for Educational Institutions

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    We invented an Arturo Drama School so that you can imagine your school, college, or university. Start using QR codes in your daily practice to improve the students’ experience and transform the learning space into a more dynamic and digital environment. Get inspired by creative ways to use QR codes to take your educational institution to the next level.

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    qr_manage:dynamic_qr_formats:mp3:title QR CODE

    Allow students to select information channels

    Navigating the needs and capabilities of students is vital. If someone in your class learns information better verbally, give them that opportunity. Print MP3 QR codes in your teaching materials to let students select from spoken or written info. Or add podcasts for those who want to delve deeper into a topic. In this way, you provide for the needs of all students.

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    Digital business cards QR CODE

    Expand your network of contacts

    Simplify communication in your school by adding the vCard Plus QR codes to teachers' badges. The scanned QR code stores all the necessary information on the smartphone. Connecting has never been so easy. 

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    Event QR CODE

    Tell students about the planned activities

    Are you participating in an educational fair or organizing an event? Inform students about the upcoming event in the most effective way. Add the Event QR code to posters and banners, so everyone can scan it and save data on their smartphone. Customize the Event QR code to display a date, time, address, contact person, or announcement of an upcoming event.

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    Add materials to educational courses

    Add PDF QR codes to printed materials of educational courses. You can set them up to provide access to book lists, audio and video materials, additional reading, and more. Students will scan these QR codes and save the study programs on their smartphones. You can always modify the PDF QR code if you need.

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    Video QR CODE

    Make a video presentation

    Video QR codes on informational materials will help to organize the extramural acquaintance of students and teachers. Thanks to one scan, students will learn about the specifics of academic disciplines and the directions of activities of teachers. An introductory video will help students select the courses of their choice.

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